Cloud communication is necessary in a business


All across the globe, businesses are changing drastically. A lot of organizations are now preferring cloud options instead of traditional legacy systems when it comes to communication, file sharing, and other business-related activities. 

Specifically, cloud communication is a method of communicating using cloud-hosted technologies. This means that the connection used is coursed through the internet rather than the standard telephone network. Cloud communications provide a lot of benefits to its users especially when it comes to digital transformation. 


Cloud communication and other cloud-based services provide convenience and more benefits


Benefits of Cloud Communications


Cloud communication provides convenience in business communication and operations in general. Some benefits include:


  • Reliability – Cloud communications offer better reliability and service quality compared to on-premise equipment. 
  • Ease of Use – When paired with a good cloud communication service provider, there is a lot of rich selection of cloud-based features that can make everything simple and easy to use.
  • Affordability – Cloud communication platforms are now flexible in terms of payment methods. TeLavi Cloud in particular offers a subscription-based model for a more affordable option.
  • Scalability & Versatility – With cloud-based services or platforms, it’s easier to adjust the communication strategy than with a PBX system. There is the freedom to easily upgrade and scale as necessary with very little downtime. 


Overlooked Essential Cloud Communication Features


Aside from the basic essential features such as video conferencing, team messaging, and file sharing, there are cloud communication features that are just as important but often overlooked. One of which is the 24/7 customer support feature. Although cloud-based services experience less downtime or outages, it’s always important to have a customer support team that is always available, especially in important cases. 


Another overlooked feature is a cloud platform’s ability to integrate other applications into it. This feature is extremely important for a seamless experience when it comes to accessing information in CRMs or other platforms as well. 


Shift to Cloud-based Services 


There are a lot of benefits to cloud-based services, but it all comes down to the company’s needs. Does the company value convenient communication? Does the company have the budget to make the shift? 


Cloud communications provide a lot of benefits, and it is more of a question of “when” rather than a question of “should I?” when it comes to making the shift.