Telephony provides solutions to employee productivity

You might have seen the word “telephony” several times and wondered what it is. Is telephony a new concept? Would it really help with employee productivity?
Let’s break down the definition of telephony and what it could mean to your organization.

What is telephony and can it really help the business?


Telephony: Defined


Telephony, by definition, is the use or operation of an apparatus to transmit sounds as electrical signals. Traditionally, telephony is a field of technology that involves the electronic transmission of voice between two distant parties. 


However, as time passed, it evolved from just voice transmission to fax, internet calls, text messages, voice mails, video conferencing, or video calls using various devices. In this context, telephony is also frequently used to refer to computer hardware, software, and computer network systems which we can specifically refer to as internet telephony or VoIP.

Does telephony help with productivity?


How Telephony Helps Employee Productivity


Telephony bridges the gap with how fast communication happens. All of these telephony systems meant for organizations have helped speed up communication from one place to another in only a matter of minutes. In particular, there are (4) four types of telephony systems for the enterprise. These are:


  1. On-Premise PBX – Acts as an in-house center
  2. VoIP PBX – Creates a private phone network within a business using the internet or LAN
  3. Hybrid PBX – Uses both On-Premise PBX and IP telephony
  4. Cloud VoIP – A cloud-based VoIP service provided by a third party


Cloud-based VoIP, when used as a part of a unified communications solutions platform like Telavi, makes it easier for employee communication and business continuity. Because it’s more modernized than traditional phones, cloud phones are hosted through internet systems, which makes communication faster and cheaper. UC Services like Telavi can help extend your office anywhere you are in the world, so you can do your business anytime when necessary. 


With the continuous innovation and improvement of technology, it’s important to always be connected wherever you are. Rest assured that with communication technology such as telephony remains to evolve, your business is in the right place.