Cloud office and its importance to any business

Many companies have resorted to shifting to a cloud office in this ever-changing work landscape. But what exactly is a cloud office, and is it necessary for businesses to change to a cloud office? What are the benefits it will give the company?

Time to shift to Cloud Office

What is a Cloud Office? 


No, it’s not a literal office situated within the clouds.


A cloud office is a secure online platform where you can store documents, messages, emails, calendars, and other modes of collaboration meant for a team or company’s business use. Cloud office is also a suite of software as a service (SaaS). With this, work is possible anywhere you are since data and communication tools are all in the Cloud.


Additionally, it was only two decades ago that cloud services began entering offices. However, as technological advancements happen, most companies have now hopped into the Cloud system, especially since the pandemic started. 


Benefits of a Cloud Office


There are a lot of benefits that can be cultivated in shifting to a Cloud office. Some of these are:


  • Cost-effective & Affordable – Cloud-based services are mainly based on storage space and processing power. Management, maintenance, and operating costs are all included within an affordable fee compared to on-premise solutions. 

  • Unlimited storage – A Cloud office offers unlimited storage space for files, while some offer storage space based on the number of users. 

  • Data security – Several Cloud office platforms offer tight security to keep sensitive data away from any breaches. 

  • Business continuity – In case of accidents, unforeseen incidents, and even a global pandemic, Cloud offices ensured business continuity. It allowed companies to restore data, and collaborate anytime and anywhere, to keep the company going business as usual.


Of course, there are challenges in completely shifting from on-premise to a Cloud office. However, there are a lot of proven benefits that could prove that a Cloud office is worth a try. Apps such as TeLavi Cloud creates a Cloud office that could provide these benefits that your organization might just need. Because in these changing times, there is always a need to digitally transform for business continuity.