The pandemic has changed so many things including the way companies operate.


Edric Mendoza, self-titled change-maker, entrepreneur and former news anchor of ANC’s “On the Money”, shares the top financial problems companies faced at the start of the pandemic.


The first is people. Businesses had to make sure their employees as well as their customers were safe. They had to consider the protocols and the expenses related to healthcare. Second is logistics. Companies had to carry on maintaining overhead costs, the facilities, rentals, even transportation. The third is the actual product and service. Industries with products and services that could not adapt well had to scale back on their product line or stop their services.


Part of the solution is remote working. With employees working from home, employers are left to look for tools to make this new set-up work as efficiently in the new normal. In order for productivity to be maintained if not increase, collaboration needs to be as effective now as it was face-to-face while maximizing savings.


With the implementation of the work-from-home scenario, the company savings and ROI are affected depending on how it works with the company’s business model and how well the business can adapt. That would be a clear source of savings.


An issue that arises from this new set-up would be connectivity. The success of the work-from-home model on bottomline savings and returns depends if employees are able to connect properly. It makes it more inefficient for the company and has major cost implications.


The question is, is there a solution for this? Edric Mendoza has found out that there definitely is a solution to maximizing business revenue. As he sees it, the latest cloud solution can maximize profit and save your budget while ensuring your employees are productive and engaged.


This game-changing solution is Telavi Cloud, a unified communications platform. It’s an all-in-one solution that gathers the tools to keep people in touch: voice calls, video calling, web conferencing, and more. It’s decentralizing communications and giving greater access to all.


Birthed during the pandemic, founder, CEO and president of Gur Lavi, Erwin Co, saw a need for it. “For more than 5 years, we’ve dreamt of putting this up. But you have to adjust to the market. If they’re not ready for it, they’re not going to sign up. This time around things are different. I think a lot of companies are now looking for technology to help them bridge this, to get over this situation that we’re in.”


Erwin Co continues that what’s great with Telavi Cloud is that there is no capital expenditure required. Setting up is a breeze and they have affordable plans that companies can subscribe to. It’s also quite easy to scale, even pay as you go. Employees are able to operate with the tools that they currently have like their company computers or smartphones. They just need an internet connection and they can already access the company’s landline and serve their clients. They can continue operating their businesses with the employees working in the safety of their homes, saving the company money in a number of ways.


First on the list of savings is on infrastructure. Since it is a service you subscribe to, there is no need to maintain your own infrastructure or center, or even hire your own technical engineers to keep your telephony system running.


Telavi Cloud also updates and continuously adds more features to their platform so companies get the most for their money. Companies also don’t need to invest in IP phones or headsets as they can use the web browser or mobile app alone. Expenses can be kept at a minimum if they want to.


Yes, you save on costs, when the CapEx is turned into an operating expense and the logistics becomes a lot simpler. Since it’s cloud based, a business can have Telavi Cloud systems even in less than a week.


With Telavi Cloud, the cost and risk of infection from personal contact is eliminated, as equipment is sent to the company, who plugs it in themselves. Telavi walks them through the process, but all done remotely. It’s really easy and safe for everyone involved.


Adapting by individual users is fairly easy as well, as it’s just another straightforward app that you need to use. It’s a complete, all-in-one solution where you can message, you can call with the dial pad, but also do video conferencing.


With Telavi Cloud, businesses can be run no matter where employees are, remotely working and safe in their own homes. In the past where technology was limited, there was a need for an on-premise system, now you can transfer all these calls to them and serve your customers with Telavi Cloud.


Edric Mendoza adds that Telavi Cloud can be an answer to protecting company finances in various ways. Yes, Telavi Cloud can strengthen the work-from-home scenario that many companies need at this time. It can also help in the learning curve. Some companies might want to do it themselves, but the money and time spent can impact expenses.


The key is to be able to maximize all these savings or financial gains with these tech solutions. Telavi Cloud is reliable, with strong customer service and support when things don’t work out. They own their own servers which allows integration and greater control and quicker response to issues that companies might have as they’re using the technology.


“Another feature when it comes to financial savings and upsides, in a cloud scenario like that, even maintaining people, having to have my own team, and to be able to oversee and manage the infrastructure would be a big cost savings because it’s done by the third party and all the cost related to maintaining and managing employees related to that side of the business or operations,” explains Edric Mendoza.


Eric Co further adds that “In trying times like this, there’s always an opportunity to shine as leaders. We have the social responsibility and we carry the burden of supporting our people and the community. So when you find a solution this big and this revolutionary, it is our responsibility to bring it to market and make it available to as many as possible. A lot of people are suffering because of this crisis that they cannot run their businesses or operate their business as before, that’s why for us, if this is something that can help them cope with the situation, then we’re definitely here to help.


Choose Telavi Cloud. The smart way to protect your business and the right way to be new normal-adapted.