Look out for the best features in a Unified Communications (UC) Service or Platform

In a fast-paced society, there is always an increasing demand for software or applications for better productivity. As remote and hybrid work continues, it’s important to use platforms that are all in one unified place. 

Unified communications (UC) platforms or products (e.g. equipment, software, and services) provide and integrate communications and collaboration tools such as IP phones, web and video conferencing, voicemails, personal & team messaging, and more. But what should be taken into account when looking for a UC service or platform? 


Effective features in a UC Platform boosts productivity


Here are the 6 best features to look for in a Unified Communications service or solution:


  1. High-quality audio and video. The quality of audio and video is vital when it comes to meetings and general communication. It is a critical component when choosing a platform for effortless and effective connectivity. 

  • Easy to use. Employees and users alike prefer technology that is uncomplicated and easy to use. A UC service or solution should not give a hard time to its users, especially when joining online meetings or connecting to a voice call. 

  • Team & personal messaging capabilities. Message or chat feature in a UC platform is one of the basic features that’s important to have. It is also vital for encouraging online social communication and interaction. 

  • Screen sharing feature. To encourage an easier team collaboration, a screen sharing feature in a UC platform is especially useful. This feature is especially needed in brainstorming ideas, presenting decks, and more. 

  • Integration with applications. Choose a UC solution that should “effectively integrate communication applications into a single front-end interface”. This provides employees access to their necessary apps all in one place so they can use it anytime and anywhere, boosting easier remote productivity.

  • Accessible support. For the UC platform to work effectively with a company, it needs to have an accessible support from the provider. They need to readily guide the company or organization in migration to be able to implement the UC solution. Communication between the organization and the provider should be important, especially when it comes to technical issues, and more.


In choosing the best unified communications platform, it is necessary to select one that would best utilize all the features that the provider offers. It will not only boost the employee’s productivity, but it will boost the company’s business continuity and competitiveness within their respective industries. 


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