The business landscape in these uncertain times is quite difficult to navigate. Many institutions face various challenges brought about by unexpected emergency situations like Covid-19. They must adapt to the ever-changing climate in order to stay afloat in the new normal.


To be able to maintain operations smoothly during times of crises, an organization, whatever size, revenue or in whatever industry, must have a strong business continuity plan in place, otherwise the business will suffer the consequences.


A business continuity plan, or BCP, is simply advanced preparations or course of action to ensure an enterprise is capable of responding properly to emergencies or disasters that may or may not occur in the future. It ensures the organization is able to sustain its essential business functions during critical times.


CEO and President of Gur Lavi Communications, Erwin Co, further defines BCP as “a set of carefully crafted policies and procedures to help a company address any potential threat which can lead to business closure, or business interruptions. And now that Covid cases are increasing exponentially, I think it is important for companies to have a BCP in place to ensure that they are able to remain operational during these times of crisis. Normally, these BCPs are tailor-fit to each company, helping them save money, or at least lose less money, while looking after the safety of their employees.”


Part of a business continuity plan identifies means of communicating with clients, suppliers, and other vendors and entities to continue providing proper information and support to the enterprise.


Telavi Cloud, the latest in cloud communication services, is the essential business solution to various challenges a business faces. Powered by Gur Lavi Communications, it is a unique and unified communications system that helps enable enterprises to persevere and carry on, no matter how trying the circumstances may be.


Jayson Lo, entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and Telavi Cloud ambassador explains, “Telavi Cloud is a game-changer in business communications. It brings us flexibility in our workplace and it also helps us in terms of having seamless communication. So, I recommend this to all businesses who want to change with the changing times and embrace it as our permanent normal. Business continuity is made easy and affordable with Telavi Cloud.”


Asked how a lack of business continuity plan affects an organization, Erwin Co opines that without a BCP, companies would be vulnerable to economic harm.


“Companies are established for profit. Generally, you want to create value. And without this kind of chain to create value for your shareholders, you need to be able to sell. If you’re not able to sell, you won’t be able to generate profits. And it just dominoes over, so without a BCP, if you’re not able to serve your customers by providing them good-quality service, you’re not going to be able to have these customers come back to you for repeat sales. And without that, you lose value. So definitely, without a BCP, without a clear plan, companies are more susceptible to financial losses.”


Without a BCP in place, Erwin Co believes that all stakeholders will be affected. Starting with customers, they might not be able to reach the right person when calling the company, whether for a sales inquiry or a request for support. The company may also not be able to provide quality customer service because the manufacturing or ordering processes might cease, or shipments may not arrive on time. Without the right tools, the employees might also not be able to perform their duties efficiently.


Prior to the pandemic, he thinks that companies have more room to commit mistakes because things were running relatively smoothly and profits were up without much threats disrupting the business. However, with the pandemic, he says that companies have to adapt quickly or else they won’t be able to respond to an emergency situation and this may affect the company’s productivity.


For him, it is vital to have a good business continuity plan. “The first step would be to operate the business like the crisis never happened. A good plan should help the company mitigate or reduce the impact of any threat. So the best case scenario really is if a company is able to maintain its operations and create value for its shareholders.”


Erwin Co further explains that it’s crucial to “determine what the company’s non-negotiables are. From there it is just a matter of creating backup plans to those that you cannot live without.”


Jayson Lo agrees that having a good BCP is like building a house with a really strong foundation.


A dependable component of a company’s BCP is Telavi Cloud. They support employees working remotely by providing a safe and secure way to access data even when the corporate headquarters is unable to operate. They enable companies to provide secure remote access to their employees while eliminating productivity killers such as virus outbreaks


Gur Lavi, the people behind Telavi Cloud has been serving a lot of industries supplying and installing PBX before the pandemic hit. They’ve been dreaming of offering a cloud-based PBX to make it more affordable and accessible to people, but the market wasn’t ready yet. People were hesitant because their internet connections might not be stable enough to handle voice traffic, thinking that they might lose both their internet and telephone services and would not be able run their businesses properly.


Times have changed, and with a year of video conferencing and the increase of working remotely, companies are now more accepting of the idea of a hosted PBX. Gur Lavi then saw the need and proceeded with their plans of offering the cloud-based PBX with the significant spike in inquiries and companies were already looking for alternatives when they were having challenges in their operations.

Telavi Cloud can help businesses stormproof their operations, address issues, and pinpoint potential points of failure. They are offering the market the alternative for their voice telephony that is telco grade. It is a unified communication platform that enables its users to make and receive calls wherever they are.


Companies are given the ability to transfer landline calls to employees whether these calls are to the Telavi mobile app, calls can be transferred to Microsoft Teams or to an IP phone, to any web browser. Whether employees are at home, with a laptop or a desktop, they can continue to operate their business.


Telavi also offers more than just simple voice routing. From transferring calls, they also do team messaging, video conferencing, and collaboration. Companies are then able to continue to provide their service to their customers.


Erwin Co emphasizes, “Telavi Cloud is a must-have, non-negotiable business communication platform that can provide companies or enable them to drag their business anywhere in the world. So Telavi Cloud enables businesses to be truly mobile.”


In these uncertain times, there is no assurance when companies would be able to ask their employees back to their physical office. Even with the vaccine, it seems like most would be continuing to work remotely or work from home even for the next year or two. That is why it is best to make Telavi Cloud part of your business continuity plan.