We are here to help.

Whatever challenges your company is facing, whether you need to optimize your telephony system, find cost-effective business continuity solutions, implement seamless cloud migration or enhance customer experience, we have it all covered.


Telavi makes inter-office or inter-branch communication fast and easy just like calling a local extension from your office! What’s even better is that you will be able enjoy all the functionalities that is included in the app such as call transfer, music on hold, call waiting and more using any device of your choice! We can help evaluate your current office phone set up and recommend the best solution that is right for your budget.

Business Continuity

Unexpected events can happen any time, any day. One of the biggest advantages of using the Telavi Cloud for Business Continuity is that it can be accessed from anywhere in the event of a disaster. It allows your team members to work remotely and efficiently through Unified Communications at a fraction of a cost compared with the on premise set-up. With Telavi Cloud, you no longer need to worry about losing opportunities due to hampered operations.

Cloud Migration

We have a team of experts which are all about solutions, making sure you get the maximum benefit with minimum cost. We can manage all technical, service and commercial aspects of migrating your legacy systems to the cloud, which ensures that your data and software is migrated seamless and safely, and fully integrated with your Telavi Cloud infrastructure. We can also recommend and implement migration strategies of moving data, applications or other business mission-critical elements from an enterprise on premise environment to the cloud, or moving those elements from one cloud service environment to another.

Customer Experience

A positive customer experience can bring your business to new heights and encourages brand loyalty. Telavi Cloud empowers you to create a delightful customer call center experience that is scalable and easy to deploy. And because its cloud based, your agents can take calls wherever there are in a single location or multiple site operations. With Telavi Call Center solution, productivity and profit can now be easily achieved.