Advance technology such as cloud communication is important in a workplace


Navigating the complexities of technology is a daily struggle. However, this becomes easier every day because as technology advances, so does user convenience. With the existence of the cloud, everything that did not seem possible before became possible. Now, everything is accessible, stored, and completely secure on the internet.


When the pandemic started, more than 50% of businesses around the world shifted from the in-office to the cloud. Utilizing the cloud is strategic and important for business continuity. The same goes for companies shifting to cloud communications.


Cloud communication platforms are rich in features which raise productivity

Cloud communications: Defined


The rise of cloud communications provided a lot of ease to businesses and users alike. But what exactly is it? 


Cloud communications is an internet tool that allows efficient communication via the cloud. It removes on-premise hardware that is costly and time-consuming and replaces it with a secure platform that is cost-efficient, time-saving, and convenient to use. Cloud communications are also rich with features and offer flexibility for an enhanced user experience. 


Why Cloud Communications is Vital


Cloud communication is an important tool in an entity’s digital transformation and innovation. This realization manifested when the pandemic started – with companies shifting to remote work and utilizing online platforms, including VoIP, teleconference, online messaging, and more. The existence of cloud platforms created convenience for easier collaboration which helped business continuity despite not being able to report to the office. 


The telecommunications market in particular relied heavily on traditional on-site PBX, which is heavy on costs and maintenance fees. Cloud communications changed the trajectory of the market, enforcing big changes and innovations which bring benefits to the market and consumers alike. 


Productivity Benefits


The increase in remote and hybrid working environments also calls for important online apps and features. Unified communications platforms such as Telavi Cloud provides a space packed with useful features that can increase employee productivity. 

And since everything needed is in the cloud, workers and managers alike can work and receive calls anytime and anywhere.


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