TeLavi Cloud Collaboration
Productive team collaboration makes a business work

Collaboration is the key to a productive and continuous business environment. With remote work at the forefront of current work setups in most companies, collaboration is the key to a productive and continuous business.

It is a sustainable workflow that can impair the in-office setup to a flexible working environment where every worker can thrive for business success.


But how can one collaborate well in a remote environment? This might pose a problem when technology was not as advanced as it is now. However, with multiple tools available in the market, remote work can now be more collaborative than ever. 

Ensure business continuity with useful collaborative tools and practices

Optimize team workflow


One of the keys to productive team collaboration in a flexible environment is an effective workflow. This can ensure that team members are doing their jobs on a set timeline for ensured business continuity. Work management platforms such as Asana, Trello, Airtable, Evernote, and more are advisable for a more organized workflow.


Efficient communication apps


Make use of messaging apps that can help collaboration easier wherever employees are – whether in-office or working remotely from home. TeLavi Cloud has an effective messaging app that is easy to use whether it’s an individual chat or a group message chat. Additionally, teams should sit down and set expectations on realistic response times for a team so it can reduce pressure and ensure a healthy work environment. 


Easier work life with an all-in-one platform


With an all-in-one platform, everything is easier and more convenient. You can just use one app for messages, office landline phone calls & voicemail messages, team meetings, and more. Unified communication platforms such as TeLavi Cloud creates a highly productive collaborative environment so businesses can continue to thrive even if employees are working from home or anywhere else.