Behind the Telavi Cloud products are group of passionate individuals from every tier of our organization in sales, marketing, logistics and IT teams working together with one goal in mind – to put our customers at the forefront of our business while upholding our company Mission, Vision and Values.


Telavi Cloud is a brand owned by Gur Lavi Corp., a SEC registered company (corp.) specializing in business communication solutions such as world class IP telephony devices, On Prem and Cloud Solutions, Voice and Video Solutions, IP PBX & Gateways and Session Border Control Solutions. GLC started with very humble beginnings but now into its 8th year, has cemented its place as one of the fastest growing Telecommunications Distributor in the Philippines, managing over 200+ accounts.

The passion that drives the team of young and agile employees is to provide innovative, reliable and cost-effective communication solutions to enterprise market in the country by offering high quality yet cost-effective reputable brands to its customers supported by highly trained technical expert engineers.

Mission Statement

Telavi aims to provide businesses with powerful yet affordable and customizable communication solutions that would help companies and employees achieve their business goals by fueling their productivity in the most efficient way even if they are far apart.

Vision Statement

Telavi believes that every organization is diverse and unique – no one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to business operations that is why it envisions itself to be an integral part of every organizations’ communication platform whether be it micro, SME or Enterprise, Telavi is here to support you.

Values Statement

Telavi is a group of passionate individuals working on a common goal, to know and understand its customers in order to deliver not just their business needs but to ensure they get what they truly deserve: A world class product with unparalleled customer experience. Telavi values strong yet meaningful business relationships in order to harness happy engagement and involvement between its partners and employees – two of the most important facets of Telavi business.