Thrive in your work even if you’re working remotely from home

One of the basic things that should be in place in a successful flexible work setup is a hybrid work model. With a working framework and rulebook in place, it’s now time to find effective ways for employees to thrive and remain productive while working remotely or in-office, especially as more companies in the Asia-Pacific region are likely to have remote and flexible arrangements in the next few years.


Employees and companies in the country who enjoy the hybrid work setup can also rejoice as even local politicians are now starting to advocate for this work flexibility. However, only 29% of local companies or organizations personally believe that they are prepared for a flexible setup. Despite this, however, employees should always be prepared to adapt to any setup to sustain or increase productivity and promote business continuity.

Work effectively whether you’re at the office or at home

Here are 5 effective ways to thrive in a hybrid work environment:


  1. Be prepared for technical challenges or issues. There might be cases in which employees will not be able to reach the company IT – in cases such as these, employees must be able to be equipped to solve minor technical issues. Remember to always have a backup battery, and portable wifi, or scout the nearest coffee shop in case electricity goes out.

  2. Keep the communication lines open. Employees must always be reachable during work hours. It’s important to keep communication lines open when it comes to working remotely as it also builds trust among the team members. 

  3. Create a “work space” and “personal space” at home. With a flexible workspace, a work-life balance is important. It is always a good reminder put the division of workspace from personal space to avoid burnout. This way, employees can remain productive while not thinking about work 24/7.

  4. Include breaks in your work routine while working from home. In connection to work-life balance, it’s also important to take regular breaks, as if working at the office still. This way, employees can have a break to think anew, leading to better productivity.

  5. Use the Cloud. The Cloud is not only convenient but it’s a smart way to do work productively. Putting everything in the Cloud creates a dynamic environment where files are securely accessible to everyone in the office.


For a more optimized experience, use a unified communications platform like TeLavi Cloud. It is one of the best ways to keep the communication lines open, at the same time, it makes team collaboration easier and better.