Must-have tools for a productive hybrid work


A lot of companies have begun to shift to a flexible work setup. To ensure success for business continuity, companies and employees must have specific tools to function well. But why do hybrid workplaces need such tools? Workable tools that professionals can use both in-office and remotely provides easier access to files and most importantly internal and external communication. 


There should be the presence of essential tools for a successful hybrid work environment


Here are 5 essential tools to use for a successful hybrid work setup:


1. Proper equipment – Employees should be properly equipped with materials that they can take with them anytime. Employees who are in no need of heavy specs should be equipped with a sturdy laptop that will fit best with their respective professions and tasks.,/p>


2. Messaging app – one of the basic necessities in a flexible office is communication between team members. Selecting a messaging app that works well for every member should be a priority, especially when it comes to urgent requests.


3. Project management tools – to keep track of everybody’s progress in an organized way, it’s highly recommended to get a project management tool. Apps such as Trello and Asana are helpful, especially when it comes to projects that require constant updates from team members.


4. HR software – for attendance management, companies should consider getting HR software that could work well with them. Since some remote or hybrid employees do not physically report to the office, they can take their attendance through HR software where they can log in and out properly. One of the most popular ones in the country is Sprout.


5. Virtual meeting app – Video conferencing needs soared during the height of the pandemic. It’s natural that virtual meeting apps are one of the must-have tools that flexible workers should have in their equipment. TeLavi Cloud app has a virtual meeting feature as well as messaging and voice call features – all in one platform. With TeLavi, communication is made easier anytime and anywhere.


With the flexibility of workers, it’s important that they should create an environment where they can thrive. Through this, they are able to be more productive in the workplace no matter where it is. They should have the proper equipment, and at the same time, they should have the tools to be able to do the task they need to do on a daily basis – whether they are at the office or working from home.