Telavi is a Unified Communications and Call Center Telephony Solutions Platform


Telavi Cloud Telephony solutions increase your team members’ mobility, allowing them to take important business calls even if they are not in the office. Any device with the Telavi App installed plus a stable internet connection can bring your organizations’ business communication to the next level.

Team Messaging

Telavi Team Messaging allows you to centralize all business communications in one platform using any device! No need to clutter your mobile phone storage with different apps which saves you time from switching from one platform to another. This will help your team collaborate more effectively from different locations which enables the team to increase productivity.

Video Conferencing

Telavi brings remote workers face-to-face with just a few clicks on any device. This feature helps boost business continuity and savings- two key factors in a successful business environment. So whether your company operates with remote employees, globally dispersed, or just emphasizes a healthy work-life balance like hybrid work, video conferencing has the unique ability to make communications easier.

Call Center Solution

Telavi Call Center Solution aims to support single location setup as well as multi branch setup. The entire telephony solution will form a virtual platform for your organization, so call center agents can move freely to any office location or even take calls from home whenever necessary.

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Business Continuity

Telavi Cloud helps business organizations meet their business continuity and disaster recovery needs. It also has the ability to support remote employees by providing them with a safe and secure way to access data even if the corporate headquarters is unable to operate. Providing VPN access to employees increase the security threats within the organizational systems. However, with Telavi Cloud, companies can provide secure remote access to their remote employees and productivity killers such as virus outbreaks is no longer a problem.


Telavi Cloud is fast, on-demand, and scalable to unlimited users. It has the ability to support its clients with the time-to-market approach strategy. Most importantly, the shift from company’s legacy system to Telavi Cloud is represented by the fact that organizations budget spend change from CapEx to Opex which means businesses don’t have to invest in assets anymore. Telavi Cloud’s team of experts manages when necessary. Lastly, as mobility becomes more and more important and the ecosystems of SMEs spread domestically, access from anywhere is crucial. Telavi enables Cloud characteristics as a service delivery over the internet.


Telavi Cloud promotes mobility and accessibility which enhances employee productivity that lead to a more tightly connected work community even if they are far apart. When employees can work and access data from anywhere, they can do more. It cuts time spent on commutes to the office which helps improve work life balance so they can enjoy more quality time with their families.

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